The Fit By Gab Method

March 14, 2018

Fit By Gab is unlike any other personal training service, and there's a method to the madness. 


That's right - Fit By Gab workouts are only 30 minutes long.  Why?  Because full-hour workouts are full of warm ups, cool downs, water breaks, long talks about life... who's got time for all that?!  Why not get your workout done in half the time?  By skipping all the fluff, Fit By Gab gets you in shape in half the time.



When the workout comes to you, you eliminate the travel time that comes with going to and from the gym.  Whether you want to work out at home, at the office on your lunch break, in your classroom after school or at the park where your kids are having soccer practice, Fit By Gab can meet you there and kick your butt.  Working out should be convenient so that you can stick to it, and Fit By Gab makes that happen.



What happens when you dislike your workout?  You stop doing it.  That's why Fit By Gab workouts are tailored not just to your goals, but to your likes and dislikes as well.  Although you can't avoid everything you hate (I'm looking at you, burpees), Fit By Gab makes a point of keeping each workout fun, engaging, and something you look forward to.



Not everyone lives within driving distance, so for those who are out of town, Fit By Gab offers the exact same personal training experience online.  Custom workouts, demonstration videos, Skype calls, off-day homework, accountability and support all come straight to you via your computer, phone or tablet.



If a workout isn't challenging you, it isn't doing you any favors, so Fit By Gab workouts are always designed to get you to failure.  In order to do that, the program needs to be evolving with your skill set and teaching you new things.  As a trainer, I am always learning and growing by trying new workouts and programs, and Fit By Gab clients are always reaping the benefits.



Fit By Gab is about more than just changing how you look.  With personal training & nutrition counseling from people who know how you feel and can relate to your struggles, you always have a support system who sympathize and never judge.  

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