The #FitByGab 12-Month Bridal Plan

January 16, 2018

Simon and I had a pretty long engagement.  We wanted to pay for the wedding ourselves, but we have very expensive taste, so we knew going in that it was going to take us a while.  He proposed on December 13th, 2014 and we were married on October 9th, 2016, almost two years later.  



I had a very long time to get final-fitting ready, but, like most brides, I was so swept up in the planning that I didn't really get serious about my training until about 5 months before. Had I been as careful about my training plan as I was about the music for the string quartet at the cocktail hour (told you we have expensive taste), I probably would have been much more confident going into my final dress fitting two days before the big day.  


That's why, as a trainer, I've made it my mission to get brides working hard as soon as they're asked the big question.  It's never too late to start working on your bridal body, but the sooner you start, the better you'll feel.  







12 months - 10 months from the wedding:

This is the time when we want to be preparing your body for the high intensity workouts to follow, especially if you're not used to working out.  Activities such as going for walks, dancing, gardening or deep cleaning your home should be done daily, with one dedicated training session a week.  Training sessions will be focused on general fitness, with equal focus on cardio and strength training. Since you have plenty of time before the wedding, there's no reason to stress or start out doing too much.


9 months - 6 months from the wedding:

Now that the wedding is a little closer, it's time to start focusing on body fat reduction.  Body fat reduction will show itself in the form of weight loss, loose fitting clothes and a decrease in body measurements.  In order to kickstart this process, you'll need to continue to stay active in your day to day life with walks, dancing or gardening, and you'll need to increase to two dedicated training days per week.  After a few months of training once a week, you'll be more than ready to add a second day.


However, body fat reduction isn't entirely possible with just exercise alone.  This phase is when it's time to start meeting with Robyn once a week.  As a Registered Dietitian, Robyn will take a look at your current diet and discuss ways that you can improve your eating habits without making major changes all at once.  By eating healthier and exercising more, you'll be able to successfully lose weight and drop body fat!


5 months - 3 months from the wedding:

We are finally in the most important phase of the whole training plan! It's time to start increasing your muscle tone! 

You'll be training three days a week now, with one day dedicated to cardio and two days dedicate to pure strength training, typically one day focused on upper body and one day focused on lower body.  

We will be continuing our focus on body fat reduction during this phase, but the emphasis on muscle growth will take you from looking smaller, to looking more defined. This is when you'll start noticing big differences between fitting photos - you'll love the way your arms, shoulders and clavicles look! 


This is also the phase where we begin fine tuning your meal plan & eating habits in order to maximize weight loss. You'll only be meeting with Robyn once a month in order to touch base and discuss how you can be making the most improvement.


2 months - 0 months from the wedding:

It's crunch time!  That means that you'll be getting unlimited training sessions with me each week, so we can fine-tune whatever you want to focus on (arms for strapless dress, back for backless dress, legs for short dress, etc.)  We'll be finalizing your body fat reduction (it's a time game, because we need you to maintain your weight and body fat percentage after your final fitting, and for some brides, the final fitting is weeks before the wedding!) and finalizing your meal plan, with one monthly session and unlimited text/e-mail access to Robyn.


Sometimes, the best way to de-stress is with exercise, so this is the time when you'll be appreciating those unlimited sessions!


The big day:

You're going to look beautiful, sexy and strong in your beautiful dress.  People are going to notice, the love of your life is going to be blown away... but, more importantly, you are going to feel confident and proud.


The day of my wedding, I wasn't thinking about the way I looked, how the floral arrangements turned out, what music was playing or how the food tasted.  All I was thinking about was my husband, all of the people who came to celebrate with us, and the phenomenal time I was having.


Remember, your wedding isn't about what you look like, it's about who you're vowing to spend the rest of your life with.  The way you look in your photos is just an added bonus that we're here to help you with.




Our first look. Scroll your mouse over the image for a description.



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