New Year, New You!

December 26, 2017


It's not enough to want to have an accomplished 2018, you have to plan for it.  In order to make your goals and resolutions stick, you've got to have a sturdy plan in place to conquer them without falling back into old habits.  

So many of us (myself included) set lofty goals for the new year with the best of intentions, only to be back to our usual habits and excuses.  By the 100th day of the year (April 10th, 2018), most resolutions will be nothing more than lost dreams from a time of more motivation.


Let's make this year different.  Let's be going strong in our resolutions by April 10th.  Let's finally adapt the ways of the people we admire on Instagram. Let's cut the excuses and do the epic things we've always dreamed of.


Join me in the Fit By Gab New Year, New You daily challenges and set your intentions for 2018. Complete the challenges and you could even score some major discounts on training and nutrition to make sure your 2018 is epic!

The Challenges

 Monday, January 1st we'll be setting goals for each month of 2018. Instead of only having large, overwhelming goals for the year, we're going to create smaller goals for each month to make them more achievable.  (You can read more about that here.)


Tuesday, January 2nd we'll be talking about to-do lists and how to best conquer them.  No one ever accomplished anything awesome while procrastinating all day!


Wednesday, January 3rd is #WorkoutWednesday, so we'll be discussing what kind of workouts are best for you and how to fit them into your busy schedule, no matter what kind of excuses you have.


Thursday, January 4th is #ThrowbackThursday, so we're going to talk about the goals you crushed in 2017 and how you did it. 


Friday, January 5th will have a great read for you called "The Roadmap to Your Perfect 2018."


Saturday, January 6th is #SweatySaturday, so we'll be offering discounts on training to make sure you stay sweaty all year long!


Sunday, January 7th is #MealPrepSunday, so you'll get discounts on meal plans to keep your nutrition in line through 2018!

The challenges will take place on my Facebook page, so make sure to check it out daily and participate for your code to get the discounts! 

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