#FitByGab Sweaty Girl Secrets: Gym Hair to Glam Hair

November 17, 2017

This week's Sweaty Girl Secret is all about hair!


After a good workout, your hair can look wet, greasy and matted, and sometimes it feels like the only solution is to shower and style it all over again, which is a big time commitment.


Have you ever skipped a workout because you had something to do and didn't want to mess up your hair? Yeah, me too.


Once I figured out how to have my sweat session and my good hair, too, I knew I needed to share it with the world! Fit girls, say goodbye to that gross top knot and hello to beautiful, styled hair even after the toughest training sessions!



Want to get your own Revlon One-Step Volumizer? Click below to have glam post-gym hair in just 2 days with free shipping!



Is there a Sweaty Girl Secret you're dying to know? Send me your requests! 


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