Staying Healthy on Halloween: a Guide

October 10, 2017

For a lot of people, Halloween is an excuse to overindulge on chocolate, candy and alcohol.  Sure, I love those things just as much as the next girl (really, I do!), but there is no amount of sugar in the world that could make that next-day stomach ache worth it.


How many times have you decided to "treat yourself," only to feel like absolute misery in the days to come?  It's rarely ever worth it.  Not to mention that the more garbage you eat, the more garbage you'll crave, which is why the "just one" thing doesn't usually work. 


I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl, so I'd much rather avoid the candy altogether, but that doesn't mean that I also skip out on the parties, parades and festivities!  Believe it or not, you can have your cake and politely say "no thank you," too.  Here are my top 5 ways to enjoy my favorite holiday without setting myself back 5 pounds.

1. Work out in the morning.

No matter what day it is, how much you have going on or what time the party starts, get your sweat on beforehand.  You are far less likely to dive off the deep end if you've worked hard already.  Also, a good workout allows you some wiggle room for that one glass of wine or handful of candy corn you've been craving (as long as you don't go crazy.). Plus, nothing makes you feel more confident in your costume quite like a good sweat session (even all you fully-clothed dead brides out there!)


2. Eat before you go.

You're far less likely to mindlessly unwrap dozens of miniature candy bars if you're nice and full from dinner.  Sometimes, being social at parties means hanging around bowls of chips, pretzels, cookies or candies that we find ourselves munching on just because they're there.  If you're not hungry, the temptation won't be the same and you'll be much more likely to resist.  

 3. Consider how good you feel.

When you first arrive at the party, take an inventory.  Does your stomach feel good?  Does your costume feel too tight?  Are you nauseous?  Do you wish you were at home in bed with a bottle of Tums?  Probably not... so make a decision to stay feeling that way all night.  You know that eating junk makes you feel like junk, so don't let the temptations of sugar sway you from your healthy, functioning state.

4. Pack some gum,

This might sound crazy, but you're far less likely to start picking at food if you've got minty gum in your mouth! Not only will your mouth be busy chewing, but that minty just-brushed taste can make anything unappetizing.  Plus, you'll have the best breath in the house, just in case you meet a handsome vampire!


 5. Be picky.

If you're truly a Kit-Kat lover and Halloween is the only time that you ever have them, go ahead and have a few.  However, allowing yourself two miniature Kit-Kat's does not give you a free pass to start diving into the Snickers, Three Musketeers and Butterfingers, too! If there's one treat you simply can't let pass by, make a plan to have a small portion, then cut yourself off.  Prepare for this by leaving yourself enough calories (that might mean no wine, so choose wisely!), by deciding exactly how many you're allotted (ex: 3 fun sized Kit-Kats are 210 calories, 11 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar, so I would absolutely limit myself to three at the very most) and by recognizing that you will have to fight off even more cravings going forward.  If you think you can handle it, go for it.

Halloween is no reason to ruin all of your hard work and dedication.  Enjoy the perks of the day without overindulging! 

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