Finding the time to workout (without sacrificing your social life)

September 8, 2017

"I want to work out, but I just don't have the time."


I hear it all the time, and trust me, I don't doubt that you're busy.  I'm sure you're very, VERY busy! But you know what?  We're all busy. 


If you're not too busy to hit Starbucks before work, watch TV after dinner, sit on the toilet scrolling Instagram (don't even try to act like you don't do it), or watch full seasons of Bob's Burgers on Hulu, you're not too busy to work out.


Even the most fit girls among us are busy moms, professionals, bloggers (this post didn't write itself!) and all-around responsibility-juggling queens.  So how do they get it all done and find the time to work out without skipping Saturday night cocktails or Sunday brunch?


It's called organizing and prioritizing, and it is what keeps me accountable every single day without making me sacrifice my three favorite things: time with my family, rest and recovery time, and time at the ballpark!

1. Find all of the wasted time in your day.

I know, I know... Nobody likes to be told they're wasting time, especially when they feel like they're extremely busy.  However, the cold hard truth is that you've definitely got a few holes in your schedule that you're filling up with social media, television and other mindless activities.  Do you wake up early and sit on your couch drinking coffee and checking your e-mails?  Do you come home from work and spend an hour on the couch scrolling your Facebook feed?  Find these areas of wasted times and highlight them.


2. Decide when you're most productive.

Most of us have wasted "time holes" at the beginning, middle and end of our days (and yes, it's considered wasted time even if you're sleeping through it!)  However, just because you've got a time hole doesn't mean that you're able to be your most productive self.  Maybe you're a morning person who wakes up before your alarm or maybe you thrive in the evening with an after-work surge.  Maybe you need to wait until the kids are at school to be productive or you feel most mentally available after they've gone to bed.  Decide what time hole suits you best (morning, afternoon or evening) and circle it.


3. Evaluate what you're doing during that time hole and plan it for another time.

I'm not here to tell you that you should never check social media, watch TV or answer e-mails, but I am suggesting that you can do all of that at another time. Love your early morning Instagram scrolling session? There'll be a lot more for you to see at 8AM than there is at 6AM.  Addicted to your favorite Shonda Rhimes show?  DVR it and start a little late - you'll be able to fast forward through commercials and catch up in no time!


4. Carve out 30 minutes into your time hole and dedicate it to working out.

Let's say you have a big time hole before work from 6AM - 7AM.  You usually wake up, drink tea and scroll Facebook - sacred "me time" before jumping into the shower and starting the hectic day.  All you need is 30 minutes from that hour of wasted time to work out and feel great.  Whether it's running, cycling, lifting weights, or meeting with your favorite personal trainer, you don't need to go anywhere to get your sweat on during otherwise wasted time.

Try this once a week in the beginning and then increase it to two, three or four days a week.  Before long, you'll be feeling happier, more energetic, more productive and a whole lot more fit, without having to spend a moment of your precious weekend at a gym!


(PS - the best part is that once you get into the routine, it's so easy to keep it going! My 6AM hotel gym workouts are such an easy way to make sure I don't have to miss a second of my vacation!)



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