How I overcame my fears and became a #Femtripenure

September 6, 2017

Once upon a time, I wore pencil skirts and heels to work.  I was the corporate training manager for a restaurant group in NYC, but there were no dumbbells or burpees.  I was responsible for interviewing, hiring and on boarding all new employees; writing all of the training material for the managers and employees of each of our 7 restaurants; and holding classroom style lessons to teach managers and employees how to handle different situations and make the restaurants and kitchens run smoothly.  


I made a good salary, had great friends and spent my days in the greatest city in the world...

...And I hated every moment of it.



The corporate life wasn't for me.  I hated the monotony of every day coupled with the craziness of the restaurant industry (for example, if someone called out of work at the last minute, I had to leave my piles of boring work at my desk to take over, whether that meant working expo in the kitchen at lunch hour or sweeping floors before closing.)  I poured my heart and soul into teaching teenaged employees that they could work hard and climb their way up the ladder to a good salaried position with benefits, but I just simply wasn't in love with what I was teaching.  I grew up working in restaurants and loved my years as a server (I met my husband waiting tables on the Upper West Side and we made some of our very best friends working at a restaurant together), but being on the corporate you-must-use-two-ounces-of-chipotle-mayo-and-stop-leaning-against-the-counter side of things was totally not my style.  Not to mention, the crazy hours meant that I had to be at the gym by 4:30 AM every morning or I wouldn't be able to work out at all.


So what do you do when the universe pushes you toward something?  You leap with both feet.


I loved training people and showing them that they could achieve anything they set their minds to, but I simply couldn't continue in a field I wasn't passionate about.  I counted the minutes until I could get back into the gym every day, so it became increasingly clear that I needed to find a way to marry my love of training and of fitness.


Most personal trainers work in gyms and follow corporate rules, and that simply wasn't going to work for me.


And that's how Fit By Gab was formed.


But how does one go from corporate job to personal trainer?


I got all of my necessary certifications.

I got the required insurances.

I established my LLC.

I opened a business bank account.

I got business cards, built a website and a Facebook page.

I found clients for whom I would be a good fit online and through referrals.

I bought equipment.

I got a Jeep to fit the equipment.

I wrote, tested and re-wrote custom workout programs for each client.

I made sure my clients were making progress and crushing their goals.



It took blood, sweat and tears, but before long I started focusing my business around training women and helping them to feel confident, sexy and strong.


I started making my training sessions short but tough, focusing on 30-minute hardcore workouts that made fitness accessible to even the busiest of women.


I worked to create a group training where clients could push their limits and develop a sense of community and support.


And now I'm working on ways to train women all over the country using an online platform so that they can benefit from Fit By Gab training, nutrition plans and lifestyle changes.


I am finally living my perfect life, doing something that I am passionate about and that makes me feel a great sense of purpose.  I don't play by someone else's rules or follow someone else's schedule.  My life revolves around making women feel good about themselves and there's nothing else that could make me happier.


It took a lot of work, a lot of faith, a few risks and a lot of support from my family, but I made it work.  This experience has taught me that life is too short to be unhappy in a job, a city, a relationship or in how you feel about yourself.  Take the leap, make the change, give it a try and follow those clues the universe is sending you.  No matter what happens, you'll be stronger for it.


Thinking about taking the leap from employee to #Femtripenure? It's tough, but you're tougher.  I promise.




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