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August 16, 2017


As a trainer and a fitness instructor, it's rare to find me in anything but yoga pants and a sports bra.  Sure, I love getting dressed up and wearing heels, but ever since I left the #corporatelife, those things just haven't been a part of my daily routine (and trust me, I haven't looked back.) Nowadays, I rock my activewear 24/7, but just because my pants are stretchy and my shoes are comfy does NOT mean that I settle for an #OOTD that is anything less than on point!




THE KNOCKOUT POCKET TIGHT by Victoria's Secret, $69.50
Hello, they have pockets! Need I say more?
These leggings are the perfect fit and there is nothing better than upgrading your phone from the gym floor to it's own little safe, sanitary space.  In over 20+ styles, you'll never go wrong with these closet staples!






I love a good pair of bright, bubbly, eye-catching pants, and these Terez leggings truly deliver!  Terez is known for their colorful designs, but I love these glittery ones because they go with almost any solid-colored bra or top. My favorite thing about them is the way they hug in all the right places and really spice up your workout!






STAR SKULL WHEEL HIGH TIMES PANT by lululemon for SoulCycle, $102.00

Nothing makes me happier than my SoulCycle gear... it's like telling the world that I'm a part of an awesome family (tribe/pack/community), and they never fail to start up a conversation other awesome Soul people wherever I go.  But besides being a great icebreaker, these leggings are the perfect go-to for street or gym wear.  There is just no comparing lululemon to any other brand.  These pants fit like a glove, are bright and eye-catching and truly wick away sweat (and they make your tapbacks look HOT!)








TJMaxx can be extremely hit or miss, but I recently found my new favorite sports bra there for only $14.00! This bra has a strappy high neck (which can be tough to get on and off but, hey, it's tough to look good!) and a similar strappy look in the back, which makes you look fabulous from all angles.  





This low-impact (i.e. made-for-small-boobies) bra doubles as a crop top and sports a sexy open-back look.  I love how seamlessly it it goes from the street to the cycling studio and how, despite its conservative very high neck, it still manages to be flirty and fun.  The downside? If you're as dedicated to measuring your training load as I am, your heart rate monitor strap will be on display for everyone behind you to see.  I guess they'll just know what a beast you are before you even start to work!




STRAPPY TRIANGLE SPORTS BRA, Victoria's Secret, $24.50

Let's get one thing straight here - this sports bra is NOT for working out.  I only wear this bra when I am heading to a meeting, ordering takeout or walking the dog.  It offers a really cute front-V strap that peeks out from a V-neck or tank, taking any casual look to a slightly more fun place, but it most definitely cannot handle any jumping, running, or bending.  I once tried to squat and deadlift in this bra (no bouncing, right?) and almost gave the whole gym a show.  No bueno!  However, for a nice cute sporty-but-feminie look, it couldn't be better.



What's your favorite way to dress up before a big workout?

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