Why it is so important to have #FitFriends

August 13, 2017

It's Tuesday morning. Your alarm doesn't usually go off util 7:45 AM, but this morning it is issuing it's horrid wakeup call at 5.  You're startled into a state of consciousness, but it's quickly fading.

Shit.  I'm supposed to go to the gym this morning.


You contemplate other options. 


I could do some weightlifting after work.


I'll go for a run on my lunch break.


Tomorrow morning will be easier.


Before you know it, you've snoozed your way from 5 AM to 8:15 AM.  Now you're running late for work without an ounce of sweat to show for it.  Breakfast? Not going to happen.  Donuts at the office will have to do.  Gym clothes for this lunch break run or post-work weightlifting session? Not given a second thought.  That healthy lunch you were going to pack?  Yeah right - I guess a few slices of pizza from the local spot will have to do for today.

And then you wonder why you're not making any progress towards your fitness goals.


For so many people, this is a daily reality.  Hell, if left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't hit the gym as a member after work either! With so much going on in our daily lives, it's tough to find the time to work on ourselves.

That's why it's so important to have #FitFriends.

When the alarm goes off at 5AM and you know your girlfriend is going to be waiting for you at the squat rack at 5:30, you're not going to snooze.

When it's raining and your favorite movie comes on VH1's Movies We Love, and you're tempted to break out the snacks and wine, but you know you're supposed to Snap your group a photo of your healthy dinner, you're going to watch from the kitchen while you prepare your sweet potato tofu lasagna.

And yes, when it comes time for Happy Hour, your #FitFriends are going to hit the vodka sodas with you, but only two, because more than that and you'll all be devouring mozzarella sticks and skipping your morning run.

I'm lucky enough to have a #FitHusband as well as some incredible #FitFriends, whose love and support truly make all the difference.

When I'm unhappy about the number on the scale, yesterday's food journal or my current upper body workout, my #FitFriends are there to sympathize, empathize and get me back to reality.  Friends are great, but have you ever texted a friend about your rough morning after getting on the scale and seeing it increase by one pound even though you guzzled a gallon of water and did a crazy HIIT session the day before?

They just don't get it. And sometimes they can make you feel bad about it.

Not your #FitFriends.


So do yourself a favor and start meeting people at the gym.  Talk about your workouts at the office and see who's interested.  Poke around your Instagram feed and see which of your friends is also running in the evenings.  You might be surprised who you find and how much else you have in common.


They might just become the reason you're wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5AM tomorrow.

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